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ReverieCode ReverieCode 12 March 2020

Fandom updates on the Unified Community Platform

Over the past couple of weeks, Fandom has been releasing informative blogs about the Unified Community Platform, which will bring an update to the version of MediaWiki wikis use and a few feature changes.

I thought I would share all of these here, in one place, for anyone interested in knowing more about these changes:

  • Unified Community Platform: The Vision, Purpose, and Process (an overview of what's to come!)
  • Creating new wikis on the Unified Community Platform
  • Profile and Message Wall on the Unified Community Platform (what these areas are going to look like)
  • The Unified Community Platform Editor and our first release date

If anyone has any questions as to how this may affect the wiki, please feel free to ask!

Playsonic2 (talk) 08:54, March 1…

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ReverieCode ReverieCode 4 February 2020

Welcome to For Life Wiki

Hello there, and welcome to For Life Wiki! My name is Lucas (Playsonic2) and I'm a Wiki Manager from Fandom available for this wiki.

For Life is a brand new show - and so is this wiki. We're still beginning and setting up a lot of content, so if you are interested in the show, any help would be appreciated.

If you don't know where to start here but are interested in editing content, I recommend that you check the page Help:Contributing, which includes links to other pages filled with information on different aspects of wiki editing.

  • The following are tasks anyone can help with:
    • Article stubs - small pages that could be expanded
    • Pages with the fewest edits - these may need updates
    • List of wanted pages
  • You can take a peek at what other users are doing…
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