Cassius Dawkins is a prisoner and one of the shows main villains. He is a reoccurring character on the ABC series For Life

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cassius was known as a troublemaker type prisoner and would always become the prison boss at any prison he went too. He was moved to another facility because Jerry McCormick lied on the papers by saying he was reformed and would not cause any trouble to help Glen Maskins and cause Safiya Masry trouble with her prison. Cassius starts out by seeing Bobby Latimer and he quickly becomes Cassius' right hand man. He then tries to sit at Wild Bill and his crew's seats but was stopped by prison guards. Later in the day Cassius walks into the shower where Wild Bill and his crew were showering and was then attacked by them, but what they didn't know was Cassius had a shiv and he stabbed one of the members and beat the others. Cassius enlisted the help of Aaron Wallace, who he had stole his phone prior to the shower attack and asked him to rep him for the shower attack and an attack on another prisoner that happened in front of a security camera. Aaron Wallace asked Captain Foster to testify for Cassius, in which Foster agreed because Cassius had some of his friends on the outside to threaten Foster and his family inside of Fosters home. After Foster's testimony, Cassius was let out of solitary confinement and back into general population.

Captain Foster began to help Cassius smuggle drugs into the facility inside a bible. When this was discovered by the prison staff they began taking bibles and storing them for inspection which was in violation of the prisons codes. Huey Cornell, a corrupt officer, took the bible that had the drugs and gave it to another prisoner which was ultimately caught on security camera, but would not be noticed until later when Cyrus Hunt became warden again.

Cassius then began to suspect Aaron Wallace and would only help Foster with the drugs if he confirmed that Wallace was the snitch which he ultimately did. This resulted in Cassius having a grudge against Wallace and cause the beating of Jamal Bishop. After beating up Jamal, Cassius asked Jamal to stab and kill Aaron Wallace in the prison yard. Jamal agreed to this and when prisoners were being checked for weapons, Frank Foster intervened so that Jamal could get in with the weapon. When Jamal go into the prison yard, instead of attacking Aaron he took the shiv and slashed Cassius in the neck and began to stab him. Cassius fought back and stabbed Jamal back, leaving both of them injured for the remainder of the season. The fight began a riot which led to the deaths of four prisoners and one guard, and many more injured/put into solitary confinement, including Aaron Wallace.

Cassius was last seen being mentioned as being critically injured but alive.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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