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"Collars for Dollars" is the fifth episode of the second season of For Life. It first aired on December 16, 2020.


After Aaron and Roswell agree to help a young woman facing deportation for a minor crime, they realize her case could be a key to exposing a broad pattern of police corruption. Meanwhile, Jasmine begins to spend more time at Ronnie’s house and Marie grapples with the first signs of an empty nest.

Plot summary[]

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  • Erik Jensen as Dez O'Reilly
  • John Douglas Thompson as Spencer Richardson
  • Michael Gaston as Liam McClinchey
  • Toney Goins as Ronnie Baxter
  • Alexandra Socha as Charlotte
  • Camila Cano-Flavia as Paola Guerrero
  • Crystal Dickinson as Georgia Bishop
  • Sean Boyce Johnson as Scotty Williams
  • Jade Wu as Judge Julie Tanaka
  • Terence Archie as Joel
  • Taprena Augustine as Samantha Hailey
  • Darik Bernard as Walter
  • Leticia Castillo as Martina Guerrero
  • Donald Chang as Secretary
  • Andrea Cirie as Sarah McCarron
  • Rami Margron as A.D.A. McNamara
  • Julio Monge as Miguel Guerrero
  • Shaun O'Hagan as Joe Davidson
  • Robyn Payne as Cheryl Baxter
  • Adam Ratcliffe as Officer Charlie York
  • Ron Scott as Larry Baxter
  • Eric Stafford as Court Officer
  • John Viscardi as Kyle Rogers
  • Shannon Weiss as Store Clerk