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Frank Foster is one of the main characters in the ABC television series For Life, portrayed by actor Glenn Fleshler.


Frank Foster was the captain of the prison Aaron Wallace was serving his life term at. Foster was a corrupt officer along side Huey Cornell and would smuggle drugs through meats that would be delivered to the prison. When an inmate Cassius Dawkins was transferred to the prison, he had men go to Foster's home and threaten him and his family if he didn't do what Dawkins wanted. After this incident he followed every thing Dawkins told him to do. Foster was then caught by the warden Safiya Masry covering up crimes that Dawkins help commit on footage from the prison's cameras. After being confronted by Masry, he tendered his resignation and would be out by the next two weeks. Not long after, it was found that drugs were smuggled through a specific bible and they caught Officer Cornell handing a bible to Captain Foster. This footage was found by the old warden Cyrus Hunt, after Foster had let Jamal Bishop with a shiv into the prison yard to kill Dawkins. Bishop then attacked Dawkins and both men stabbed each other, but would ultimately survive. Foster was confronted by Masry about how he let Bishop in the yard with a shiv. He then denied any wrong doing and was arrested by officers. After being released on bail, he was let go from the prison and went to live with his father and wife. He was last seen crying in his bedroom with a revolver pointed into his mouth.


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