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G-Force (real name unrevealed) is an enforcer for Cassius Dawkins.


G-Force is first seen in the exterior prison yard lifting weights with Cassius' crew and then controlling the phone banks inside the prison. When Aaron Wallace attempted to make an outgoing call, G-Force impeded his progress and it was only through the intervention of Bobby Latimer that Aaron was able to have a conversation with Bobby regarding his phone privileges. G-Force repeatedly denies Aaron access to the phone banks even resorting to sarcasm and using sign language to shoo Aaron away.

When the riot broke out in the prison yard, G-Force was involved in an altercation with several inmates associated with Wild Bill in an attempt to pull them off of Cassius. G-Force was last seen in an altercation with Aaron during a meeting arranged by Jamal Bishop as payback for the attack on Cassius.


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