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"Homecoming" is the second episode of the second season of For Life. It first aired on November 25, 2020.


A newly liberated man, Aaron acclimates to family life outside of prison. As he attempts to help Jamal with his case, Aaron encounters Jamal’s sister who needs legal help of her own. Former nemesis Spencer Richardson proposes an intriguing work opportunity to Aaron and Roswell.

Plot summary[]

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  • John Douglas Thompson as Spencer Richardson
  • Crystal Dickinson as Georgia Bishop
  • Toney Goins as Ronnie Baxter
  • Sean Boyce Johnson as Scotty Williams
  • Shaun Anthony as A.D.A. Kirk
  • Darik Bernard as Walter
  • La Tonya Borsay as Neighbor
  • Carla Brandberg as Judge Phylis Wright
  • Richard Busser as Dirk
  • Dennis Carnegie as Bailiff
  • Vivia Font as Lawyer
  • Shaun O'Hagan as Joe Davidson
  • Renee Stork as Realtor
  • Klein Warwell Walker as Jasmine (8 Years Old)