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"Witness" is the fifth episode of the first season of For Life. It first aired on March 17, 2020.


While litigating on behalf of an inmate locked up on a robbery charge, Aaron is torn between doing what's right and what's best for his case. Heartened by Aaron's new lead, Marie recommits to his case, researching witnesses on Aaron's behalf. Plus, Safiya closes in on Foster's drug smuggling scheme.

Plot summary[]

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  • Brandon J. Dirden as Darius Johnson
  • Erik Jensen as Dez O'Reilly
  • Peter Greene as Wild Bill
  • Eric Elizaga as ADA Adam Yamada
  • Alok Tewari as Judge Nader Farhad
  • Franky G as Rafi Figueroa
  • Felonious Munk as Hassan Nawaz
  • Sean Ringgold as Huey Cornell
  • Hassan Johnson as Bobby Latimer
  • Matt Dellapina as Tom Hansen
  • Denise Pillott as Carla
  • Natalie Jacobs as Dee Dee
  • Gregory Dann as Chris
  • Jeryl Ann Costello as Shirley
  • Allen McCullough as Priest
  • Salem Murphy as Irene Randell
  • Edelen McWilliams as Jill Murray
  • Asher Edgecliffe-Johnson as O'Reilly's Son
  • Jessica Blank as Kathy O'Reilly
  • Nancy Lemenager as Beth Maskins
  • Caleb Z Smith as Charlie Maskins
  • Lucia Spina as Rachel Frankel
  • Brandon Morris as Lassiter
  • Adam Feingold as Micelli
  • Khalil McMillan as Transport Guard
  • Craig Geraghty as Smitty
  • Aristeo F. Kardi as Visiting Area CO
  • Darik Bernard as Walter
  • Brendan Burke as Gavin
  • Tommy Nohilly as Trammell
  • Hope Blackstock as Reporter #1
  • Josh Musgrave as Reporter #2
  • Phillip Taratula as Reporter #3